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Our offer

Everything from a portrait to a cabinet


Classic Art

Specialized in paintings from the 16th to the 19th centuries, our offer ranges from portraits to religious art, including most genres such as still lifes, beautiful copies, and curiosities, by Spanish and European masters. Let us know your preferences and we'll find the painting!


Modern and Contemporary

Montbaron features works by young artists, as well as a comprehensive selection of 20th century works by Spanish and International creators. We also display works of photography, graphic work, and etchings from well known masters.


From Spanish religious imagery to nineteenth century bronze sculptures, we offer a generous choice of items in wood, marble, metal, ivory, or stone, comprising marvels from the past, and wonders of the present.



Porcelain, antique furniture, textiles and costumes from past times, silverware and ancient jewelry, lamps, or tableware and china, among others, complete our stock.

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